Strategic Partnerships

The NHFC has made a deliberate strategic decision to develop strategic alliances and partnerships through investment in equity and junior debt into companies that operate within the affordable housing market. The rationale of this decision is:

  1. To improve the capital structure of undercapitalized companies to raise capital either privately or publically.
  2. To introduce innovative housing finance solutions in the market with the intention of creating new forms of housing delivery. This supports innovation in product, technology, business concepts and services as viable means of encouraging entrepreneurial ways of achieving the mandate.
  3. To facilitate public and private partnerships and leveraging increased private sector investments on a large scale.
  4. To identify historically disadvantaged people that require capacity building support in order to kick start their projects
  5. To turnaround ailing intermediaries that would otherwise fail and remove scale in the target market. The intention would be to preserve the Corporations value by ensuring that the intermediary will be turned around.
  6. To support viable transactions from the NHFC Operational Divisions, Projects and Commercial, which support the Corporation’s mandate but do not satisfy the requisite capital adequacy requirements.
  7. To sustain the NHFC through the diversification of its income base.

Currently, the NHFC has made the equity investments in the following entities

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