Traditional home-ownership is not the only way in which low-income earners can gain access to housing; in some cases, 'Renting' is a more suitable option. It is in this regard that the NHFC, through its Projects Division, offers 'Term Loans' (Medium to Long-term) to private sector Property Practitioners that provide affordable rental accommodation.

The Term Loan facility is aimed at providing 'Property Practitioners or Private Landlords' with funding to undertake Greenfields property developments; or to buy and/or refurbish existing buildings for the purposes of availing affordable housing rental units.

Property Practitioners are mainly privately owned legal entities formed to facilitate property development, financing and on-going management thereof; they also own and facilitate the rental processing of units in the property. The end-beneficiaries or potential tenants are low- to middle-income earners, with household income of up to R15 000 per month.

Contact the Projects Division for more information on NHFC Projects with Property Practitioners

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