Insights Into Affordable Housing:

One of the key strategic objectives of the NHFC is to provide robust, relevant and timely analytics and insights on affordable housing finance issues to ensure innovative housing solutions for the Gap market.

The NHFC has a Policy & Research Division (P&R) that is geared towards finding empirical solutions that ensure easily accessible and affordable housing finance products to benefit the Gap market consumers. The Division researches and studies the local and international environments thereby constructively positioning the NHFC to creatively 'advise' and/or 'implement' government driven programs with credible benchmarks, by performing the following functions:

  • collect, analyse and interpret relevant data relative to housing finance and produce reports
  • provide research support to internal divisions, and undertake research for group/shareholders
  • establish joint ventures with other relevant research and/or housing institutions
  • provide effective participation at national policy development levels
  • stimulate policy debate at all levels via discussion forums, position papers, conferences etc.,
  • maintain an effective Affordable Housing Finance Resource Centre, capacitate the library
  • mobilise funding for the Division
  • develop ad-hoc research papers

Research & Publications:
The NHFC Policy and Research Division has been involved at different levels with the development of programs, policies, regulations, products options and channels that are suitable for the affordable housing finance market sector, completed project to date, include the following:

- Unlocking Finance for Affordable Housing in South Africa
(UNFAHSA) - 2001/2003
- End User Satisfaction Survey (Internal) - 2003
- Consumer Re-investment Act (CRA) - 2003
- Corporate Impact Reports - 2003/2005
- End-user Survey Update - 2003
- Co-operatives Bill - 2004
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