KEY MILESTONES 2011 - 2013:


  • State President announced the NHFC as administrator and manager of the R1billion guarantee fund to address housing needs of the Gap market with the Mortgage Default Insurance
  • Signed a debt finance agreement with the European Investment Bank (EIB) for the Rand equivalent of €30million
  • Signed a debt finance agreement with the Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD)
  • Concluded an agreement with Old Mutual Insurance Group South Africa (OMIGSA) and its BEE Partners to participate in an Affordable Housing Fund aimed at the development and sale of 25 000 affordable units in various provinces of South Africa over a 10-year period , with an initial funding of R900million. This fund was subsequently merged into the R6 billion. The Housing Investment Fund of South Africa (HIFSA), which was set up by OMIGSA, the Development Bank of SA (DBSA) and Public Investment Corporation (PIC). This larger fund will facilitate the development of a larger number of affordable units than the initial 25 000 project and create more jobs thereby generating much needed investment in the economy.
  • Key NHFC housing-ownership facilitation projects, such as the Finance-Linked Individual Subsidy Program (FLISP), launched by the State President and the Minister of Human Settlements.


  • Success of the leveraging initiatives and partnerships with the private sector, making a huge contribution to the funding delivery impact.
  • Concluded Trust for Urban Housing Finance (TUFH) Recapitalization negotiations with various Private and Public Sector financiers.
  • Entered into a co-funding agreement with the Gauteng Partnership Fund (GPF) to enhance access to housing finance for entrepreneurs to provide affordable rental housing to the NHFC end-beneficiary target market in Gauteng Province.
  • Extensive work done to achieve business readiness for the launch of the revised Finance-Linked Individual Subsidy Program (FLISP)


  • The NHFC, as the Implementing Agent, rolls out FLISP in collaboration with and support of the Provincial Governments
  • NHFC concluded an equity transaction with the International Housing Solutions as the catalytic anchor investor for an investment that has the potential to:
    - Attract foreign direct investment into the affordable market, valued at R3 billion
    - Leverage an additional R10 billion worth of private sector funding;
    - Deliver 43 000 housing units over the investment period
    - Create 163 400 beneficiaries; and
    - Generate 158 000 jobs
  • Re-capitalization of TUHF through a debt conversion of R75 million into equity and preference shares, leveraging an additional R700 million of equity and debt capital from other investors
  • Launched an innovative income-linked housing finance solution through Strategic Investment Partner, HiP (Housing Investment Partner). The initial R100 million set aside for the piloting of the program has been fully committed. The NHFC leveraged 80% of the funding from Old Mutual Capital Holdings. HiP, as an innovative product, enhances affordability for end-users who benefit from home ownership.
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