As the FINANCIER, the NHFC offers the following broad COMMERCIAL Housing Finance solutions:

Through the Commercial Division, the NHFC lends to Retail Finance Intermediaries (RFI’s) that provide incremental and bonded housing options to end-beneficiaries (home seekers). These entities ‘may’ in turn extend various unsecured housing finance loan products to the end-beneficiary target market, which may include:

    • housing micro-lending / incremental housing loans:
      housing finance for housing refurbishment for end-beneficiaries in the target market
    • home ownership:
      housing finance for home ownership or rent-to-buy products for end-beneficiary in the target market

Retail Finance Intermediaries:

Over and above the role of wholesale funding, the NHFC is also tasked with developing and managing facilitative interventions that support lending through RFI’s in the Gap market. The NHFC specializes in identifying, assessing, pricing, monitoring and managing the risks associated with the placement of funds in this market. As one of the country’s premier development finance institutions and the largest public housing finance entity focused in the affordable housing market, the NHFC strives to be an effective partner for the private and public sectors in responding to the challenges of fast tracking the deliver of affordable housing to improve the quality of life for all South Africans.

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