The NHFC was established in 1996 by the National Department of Human Settlements (NDoHS) as a Development Finance Institution, with the principal mandate of broadening and deepening access to affordable housing finance for the low- to middle-income South African households.


To be the leader in the development of the low- to middle-income housing market


Provide innovative and affordable housing finance solutions to the low- to middle-income housing market


Core Functions:

The NHFC delivers on its mandate as prescribed in the Government Gazette of 1997 performing the following core functions:

  • initiate and manage programs aimed at encouraging and promoting increased engagement of the banking sector in the target market;
  • fund or underwrite the funding of specialised alternative lenders able and equipped to operate where banks find it difficult to operate;
  • fund or underwrite the funding of institutions in the business of providing housing under tenure rights other than individual freehold target market;
  • manage proactive programs aimed at building institutional and financial capacity at retail level such that there is a broadening of access to housing finance and the mobilisation of funds into the housing process in the target market

Strategic Objectives:

  • Expand housing finance activities, through the effective provision of housing finance solutions, thus enabling low-to-middle income households to have choice of renting or owning or incrementally building, to meet their housing needs;
  • Facilitate the increased and sustained lending by financial institutions to the affordable housing market;
  • Mobilise funding into the human settlement space, on a sustainable basis, in partnership with the broadest range of institutions;
  • Conduct the business activities of the NHFC in a manner that ensures the continued economic sustainability of the NHFC whilst promoting lasting social, ethical and environmental development; and
  • Stimulate the low-to-middle income housing sector, by providing robust, relevant and timely research and market analysis to practitioners and housing customers.


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